How can you become a volunteer of P.O.D. Association?

The Volunteering Department is essential for P.O.D. Association, being the generator of the activities and projects that we initiate. Our volunteers benefit of: an internal training in order to learn different techniques necessary for the activities in which they want to be involved, counseling and supervising, the possibility to participate in all kind of activities in the projects, the opportunity to take part in seminars, trainings, youth exchanges abroad, the possibility to become facilitators and project coordinators.


  • the involvement of association’s volunteers, members also, in different kind of activities that will allow them personal and professional development
  • creating a bond among the members and volunteers of the P.O.D. association
  • counseling the volunteers for the realization of the activities
  • support the volunteers in writing and project management

How can you become a volunteer for P.O.D. Association?

Contact us! Write to us at contact@asociatiapod.ro!

After you contact us and tell us how much you want to be our volunteer we will settle an appointment to discover together what you can do in our organization, what activities suit you best and in what projects you can get involved.

You will take part in specialized trainings, in order to learn necessary methods to work in our association. This learning process will continue for as long as you will be our volunteers, because with us you will always have something new to discover and learn.

You will spend a probation time being involved in the ongoing projects and we will discover together if the working style of P.O.D. Association suits you.

Why being a volunteer?

You volunteer to:

  • have fun
  • bun gain experience for a better job
  • use your knowledge and abilities that other way are not used
  • use your time in an useful way
  • make new friends and peers
  • be with your friends that are already volunteers
  • learn new things and to develop useful skills
  • give back what you got from others
  • network
  • feel useful
  • make that transition to a new life
  • test a new career
  • help the helpless
  • make something
  • improve your community
  • work with a specific group of persons
  • take responsibility
  • be part of a team
  • meet important people of the community
  • understand the problems of your community

Rights and responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a volunteer

Even though volunteering is a benevolent activity and you do it in your free time it is necessary to honor your responsibilities, according to the association’s expectations.
In general terms, here are some basic volunteering responsibilities:

  • respect the association’s policies
  • do your tasks
  • be respectful
  • conduct and behavior according to the context
  • be on time and reliable
  • give feedback

Your rights as a volunteer
P.O.D. Association promotes the following basic rights of a volunteer. To:

  • work in a healthy and safety environment
  • get real and accurate information about the association
  • to be provided with copies of the association policies and other documents related to your activity
  • not to accomplish the tasks of an employee
  • to be provided with orientation and support inside the association
  • to be provided with necessary counseling and training for the activity you realize