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The NGO’s work require constant knowledge of their objective groups, but also promotion in the communication channels of the society’s problems with which they are dealing, thus organizing press-conferences, round tables, workshops, debates and all types of events, makes it an essential part of the activity of all NGOs. We can also say that the activity of the organizations is measured through the number of the events organized by them or to which they attended during a year.
The events are extremely important elements in the construction of a brand or fundraising, where small scale events have been the basis for decades. Successful events depend on having the necessary abilities and the know-how regarding what works, having the adequate resources to plan and manage it, know how to promote an event in an efficient way to the targeted audience.


  • Increase the abilities and knowledge about event managing
  • Developing the following competences: social, intercultural, civic, linguistic, learning to learn and taking initiative
  • Understanding the role of events in the development and marketing strategy of NGOs
  • Increasing the knowledge about Erasmus+, its opportunities and the values of the European Union
  • Increase the ability to understand and use foreign languages
  • Create at least 6 plans for events to promote Erasmus+ among the youngsters from Tenerife, which would be in the future implemented on the island

Period: 01.05.2015 – 01.01.2016

Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Direct Beneficiaries: 28 youth workers from Spain, Algeria, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Malta, and Greece

Training course, 25.10.2015 – 01.11.2015, that helped the participants in developing competences and abilities in the area of coordinating, planning, organizing and implementing events.

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Dissemination activities:

Youth Association for Environment and Culture invited representatives of the Amazigh Office High Commissioner (A.O.H.C) which were visiting the city to inaugurate a primary school, to a Study Visit that they organized for History and Linguistics students in order to promote their NGO and to ask for funding. The target group were university students and A.O.H.C assistants, although they also invited university teachers, religious authorities and of course the media. It took place on the 8th of December 2015 and there were more than 25 people taking part.
Also the participants from the training course organized in December 2015 a small workshop on event management with 10 members of AIESEC from Oran, which was mainly about pre-event planning and risk management. The workshop was based on the information and tools received in Spain.

They arranged an event on 19th November at the Bibliotheca Alexandria’s conference hall, with students from the University of Alexandria. They did different simulation games, two of them related to the TC’s topic. One of them was called “Erasmus+ Game”, where someone’s role was to be a mayor in an island who wanted to make an event to establish the Erasmus+ program and the rest had to help him organize it; at the end the mayor decided if the project was viable or not. Another one was called “Climate Change”, an United Nations meeting taking place in 2035 and everyone played a character (politicians, scientists, owners of oil companies, etc). The third game was about finding creative solutions for unemployed artists.

The dissemination was held the 12th of December with 9 participants in the building of the organization Σ.Ο.Ψ.Υ. (SOPSI), in Thessaloniki with the purpose to present the training, not only to inform them what they had done but also to tell them what they had in mind in order to organize an event, underlining the importance of informal learning through the examples of the activities which were done in the project. They explained about Erasmus+ program and the need to continue these kind of Projects and the international contact.
Using what they have learned at the TC on the 28th and 29th of November 2015, the group has organized an event in a school of Trikala to teach 30 young people, with ages between 13 to 15 years, the idea of “group work”.

The team created an event the 3rd of December at the headquarter with their volunteers in order to explain them what we’ve learned during the TC, discuss about the techniques they learnt and how it could possibly help them to better organize their activities (the guerrilla marketing, for example, had a great impact on all of them and they are planning on using it)

The act of dissemination took place shortly after the conclusion of the project and the participants’ return to Jordan. They got together with the JYIF staff and explained to them the content of the project in a brief presentation. They spoke about the Dragon Dreaming project design methodology and how it could help them with future events and projects.

The activity that took place in December 2015 brought together the coordinators from the institutions the participants in the TC are involved in (MCAST, UOM, JC and GOZO). They explained the techniques learned from the course and they were asked where such techniques could be applied in near-future events. They also held a discussion on what they could have improved in the past year if they had the knowledge that they had gained in the course. Then they switched the subject to Erasmus+ and discussed in detail the YouthPass tool and some opportunities available for them and students in their respective institutions

The members of P.O.D. Association that participated in the TC showed the rest of the staff the methods and techniques given by the facilitators to the participants and discussed of how they could make use of it in their regular work. They focused mainly on the Dragon Dreaming scheme, the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) tool and the comparison of the shepherd and his flock, the cow and the wolf. The meeting was also useful to keep everyone updated about future plans and projects.
Also at the beginning of 2016 we had a reunion in the Youth Office of Tenerife to present to the officials the event ideas that the participants created during the TC, with the purpose of together finding ways to organize them in order to promote the Program Erasmus+ on the island.

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