The project is an answer to the need of the European youngsters to have more useful tools to make them more attractive in the working market and develop real entrepreneurship abilities.


  • Identify the causes that lead to youth unemployment in the 5 partner countries
  • Develop specific entrepreneurship abilities (theoretical and practical) among the 25 youngsters and 6 youth leaders from the 5 partner countries, through experimenting a method of theatre, the improvisation
  • Create business initiatives in 5 communities of the 5 partner countries by using improvisation shows

Period: 01.05.2016 – 31.01.2017

Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Direct Beneficiaries: 25 youngsters with ages between 18 and 25 years and 6 group leaders, citizens or residents of Spain, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic, and Greece

Youth Exchange, 06.09.2016 – 15.09.2016, that involved young people coming from countries in which the youth unemployment rate is high, where they discovered similar problems they shared and tried to find solutions through different non-formal education methods, especially improvisation. With it, the project wanted to give the participants the task to start a series of improvisation performances in their local communities after returning home, maybe finding thus their place in the work market.

Improvisation Show, 13th of September 2016, starting at 8:30 pm, in Puerto de la Cruz, at the Timanfaya Teather’ Bar, where the participants showed to the public what they learned, offering a lovely time to the audience with the funniest associations and games in English.
To implement this project, P.O.D. Association has received the sponsorship of Compañía de Aguas Fuente Azul S.L., Espacio Asamblea Puerto de la Cruz and of course Timanfaya Theatre and Bar, which has offered its installation to organize this activity.

ImproLAB Cartel Evento_13 sept

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Dissemination activities:
Czech Republic
After the project meeting in Puerto de la Cruz the Czech group organized four meetings, one with youth workers and three with young people. The first meeting with other youth workers and team leaders of Euroteam was held on Saturday, 1st October in Javorový. They first presented to other youth workers the ImproLAB project, the activities that were held during the project and then they had an improvisation performance. The second meeting took place at Basuc school Mendelova in Karvina on Monday, October 3rd. There were about 15 children aged 12-14 watching the improvisation show together with their teacher and deputy headmaster and the project’s participants also played some energizers with them.
The last activity took place at Obchodní akademie Karviná on Friday, October 14th, with two improvisation shows, first with the students of the 2nd year, the second with the students of the 4th year.

The Greek team organized on Saturday, October 15th 2016, an improvisation show in the venue of the organization HYP. It was a big success and all of the 15 guests participated in all of the impro exercises proposed by the team. They promoted the show online, using a video with photos from the exchange in Tenerife and also they created a Facebook event.

On the 14th of October, 3 members of the Italian team went live on the radio of the sending NGO, Orme Radio, and talked about their experience in the project and also did some of the impro exercises learned during the exchange in Tenerife. They had also the assistance of a 4th participant that was contacted via telephone.

The Romanian group, together with the European volunteers that the sending NGO has, organized on the 22nd of October, on the Non-formal education day, an improvisation workshop to mark the day.
Also that was the first meeting of a 3 months workshop on improvisation, that finished before Christmas with an show.

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Czech Republic





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