Rock in Iasi


A recent study has showed that at least 3 of 10 European are doing volunteer work and that 80% of the Europeans state that active participation in society is a crucial part of their life. This type of statistics emphasize that volunteering is very important for Europeans, but also it shows that are people, that from different reasons, are not involved in volunteer work.
The importance of volunteering among youngsters has been and it is in present day the subject of many research studies and strategies at European and national level. Young people are one of the greatest resources of Europe. They represent the potential for the future. Also it is a group that struggles with a lot of challenges like unemployment and associate social problems.
The purpose of the project Rock in Iasi is to increase the awareness of young Europeans (and specially Romanians) about the role of volunteer work in the personal and professional development.

The project’s objectives:

  • Developing peer-to-peer abilities on the concept of volunteer work among the 12 youngsters from 3 European countries during the period September – December 2013;
  • Developing event management competences among the 12 youngsters from 3 European countries in November 2013;
  • Promoting local and international volunteer work during the period September – December 2013;
  • Promoting local and international volunteer work among 1500 spectators, young Romanian, with the age between 15 -27, during the 3 days festival, in November 2013;
  • Developing creativity and musical competences among the 12 youngsters from 4 European countries during the period September – December 2013;
  • Developing cultural competences among the 12 youngsters from 3 European countries during the period September – December 2013.

Period: 01.08.2013 – 01.02.2014

Location: Iasi, Romania

Direct beneficiaries:
12 EVS volunteers from Portugal, Italy, and Spain

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • 25 Romanian members and volunteers of the organizing team of Rock’n’Iasi Festival, 9th edition
  • 1500 participants, Romanians, with ages between 15 – 17, during the 3 days’ Festival that will be informed about EVS and local, national and international volunteering opportunities and the advantages of getting involved
  • 100 beneficiaries of the multi-media materials

1. Sessions of training with the European volunteers about the importance of volunteer work and active participation, non-formal education, project and event management (September 2013). Rehearsals and musical education (September – November 2013).

2. Meetings to plan the Rock’n’Iasi Festival, 9th edition (September – November 2013) and implementing activities to organize the Rock’n’Iasi Festival, 9th edition (September – November 2013).

3. Promoting the Rock’n’Iasi Festival, 9th edition (September – November 2013) and promoting EVS and volunteer work in Romania to 1500 beneficiaries (November 2013).

4. Making multi-media materials (movies, presentations, etc.) as supplementary online dissemination measures of the project (December 2013).


ccs-iasi-300x288 Students’ Cultural House from Iasi


asociatia-moldavia Asociatia Culturala Moldavia


scambieuropei Scambieuropei


anime Anime – Projecto de Animação e Formação


cazalla-intercultural Cazalla Intercultural





Implementing the EVS service:
During the 3 months of service the 12 European volunteers, participants in the project, have been involved in several activities. Bellow we will present the most important and a small part of their creations.

Treasure hunt
After the arrival of the EVS volunteers in Iasi, the members of the P.O.D. Association have organized for them a treasure hunt around the city. The volunteers have received maps and clues and have discovered together the most important places and city’s attractions.

Team building at Muncel, Iasi
During 16th – 19th of September the EVS volunteers, together with the volunteers of the Cultural Association Moldavia, have participated in team building activities organized at Muncel, Iasi. After numerous activities in which the volunteers have met and collaborated, made friends and have created the frame to work together in the further activities of the project Rock in Iasi. Also, the volunteers have been divided in working departments of the festival and group leaders have been established. Together with Cultural Association Moldavia’ volunteers it was discussed the role of everyone in the departments and have learned new things regarding organizing a festival.

During 13th – 15th of September the 12 volunteers have been involved in the last stage of organizing the G-fest and have participated in the activities planned during the festival. In this way, the EVS volunteers have witness at first hand the final result of a festival organized by our partners and got motivated regarding organizing Rock’n’Iasi Festival. The activities took place for 3 days and included workshops for local artists, have been organized educative activities and promoted sports. In G-fest were involved 15 local NGOs.

On-arrival training Predeal
Between 30th of September and 6th of October the 12 volunteers left Iasi and headed to Predeal, Brasov County, to participate in on-arrival training course organized by The National Agency. During their stay at Predeal, they were surprised by snow, to everyone’s happiness.

Promoting EVS by the volunteers during the festival
One of the tasks of the 12 volunteers was to promote European Voluntary Service during the Festival. After the team working session, they decided that for the 2 edition of the Rock’n’Iasi – Metal and Alternative, more exactly 19th and 20th of October, respectively 1st to 3rd of November, to make promotion materials adequate to the audience and in the festival’s spirit. With this purpose were made personalized t-shirts, flyers, roll-up, a stand, a Facebook page, a short movie about their experience, and also they have an interview to an local radio.
Everything started with the Facebook page, where promotion was just a click away. Here the volunteers have posted articles that describe their activity. To be noticed during the festival, the volunteers have made personalized t-shirts that they wore. At the stand the audience received information about volunteering. To attract people, the volunteers made flyers and a roll-up. On these materials was imprinted information about EVS, both in Romanian and English. One of the most interesting ways to promote volunteering was the movie they made. After a brainstorming session, they decided to make a movie of approximately 1 minute, which was played during the festival. The actors were the 12 volunteers, trying to express what this experience means to them.

UNIFEST Festival – launching lanterns
On the 4th of November the EVS volunteers participated in one of the most important student festivals in Romania, the 12th edition of UNIFEST Festival in Iasi 2013, which started with a students’ parade from all the university campuses of the city, which ended with launching 1001 lanterns near the Cultural Palace. In this parade, have participated numerous students, Romanians and foreigners, volunteers and members of local NGOs, being a cultural and educational manifestation of the Romanian Students’Union.

Visit at the National Association for Children and Adults with Autism from Romania – ANCAAR
After closing the Rock’n’Iasi Festival, on the 5th of November, the EVS volunteers made a visit at a few local NGOs, among them was ANCAAR, where the volunteers spoke about their experience in the project, have presented the Romanian volunteers the movies they made during their 3 months spent in Romania, have offered additional information about the European Voluntary Service, about the new Program Erasmus+, as well about the benefits and opportunities that young people have by joining such a project. The Romanian volunteers spoke about their work as volunteers in Romania and the main activities they develop in the NGO.


Visit at Ion Creanga’ Memorial House
To make the stay of the volunteers in Romania more pleasant and to help them know more about the Romanian literature history, on the 7th of November, P.O.D. Association organized for them a visit at Ion Creanga’ Memorial House, the first literature memorial museum from Romania.

Visit the Botanical Garden
The most relaxing and enjoyable free time activity happened on the 21st of November and was the visiting of the Botanical Garden from Iasi, where the EVS volunteers spent a day surrounded by thousands of species of plants and flowers in the 12 green houses, each one representing a part of world. The volunteers had the opportunity to visit the 37th edition of the “Autumn Flowers” Exposition.

Visiting Save the Children, Iasi Branch
Another NGO visited by the EVS volunteers, at the end of the service – on the 27th of November, was at Save the Children. During it the volunteers participated in creative activities with the children, beneficiaries of the NGO. They were surprised by the energy and openness of the children, and the little ones have enjoyed the visit of the youngsters, that helped them in making Christmas decorations. The day ended with fun games, pictures and discussions with the NGO’s representatives.