Non-formal Education Day


Storytelling and origami in primary school – returning to stories for 60 students from the 3rd grade from Iasi

Objectives and activities:

Friday morning, 28th of September of 2012, in the General School No. 24 Ion Ghica from Iasi, 4 P.O.D. Association’s volunteers went to 2 classes of 3rd graders of 30 pupils each, with the purpose to re-introduce them to the magical and full wisdom world of fairy tells and stories. For an hour the children got familiarized with Tessie the little frog, learned how to do frogs from paper and imagined the adventures of the main character as an exercise of lateral thinking, patience, persistence and the joy of success.


  • 4 young volunteers of P.O.D. Association
  • 60 children of 3rd grade, with the ages between 9 – 10

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