EVS – European Voluntary Service

P.O.D. is an EVS accredited organization that can host and send volunteers in European Union countries and around the world through European Voluntary Service
European Voluntary Service is a program of European Commission, financed through Erasmus+ program that supports transnational youth voluntary service. Through this program the volunteers can go in any country member EU or partner country for a period of time of 2 weeks to 12 months.

What you have to do to participate in EVS program?

  • to have between 18-30 years (except youth with fewer opportunities/disabilities that can be 16 years old)
  • to be legal resident of a UE country or a country participant in the program
  • you don’t have to know the host country language or to have some specific abilities. Though, normally, your chances grow if from your application is in accordance with the project that you apply for.

What does EVS program offer you?

  • the program covers all the necessary costs
  • round trip transportation (90% of the transportation ticket cost)
  • accommodation
  • food
  • pocket money

How do you become EVS volunteer?
Basic steps are: FIND A PROJECT and A SENDING ORGANIZATION (accredited by the National Agency)
The Sending Organization keeps the communication with the HOST ORGANIZATION (the one for which you will work in the host country), makes the necessary documentation and supports you through the process (including after the end of the placement)

As a sending organization P.O.D. provides you:

  • projects to apply, directly to mail
  • European Commission database and others where you can find a project that suits you
  • details about European Voluntary Service
  • many useful links
  • guidelines for a correct application
  • direct answers to your questions


  • sends you to the pre-departure training and to the evaluation session at return
  • takes care of the necessary documents and insurance
  • answers to your needsfor the whole project period and after the end of the placement

If you are interested in becoming an international volunteer the first step is to contact us at contact@asociatiapod.ro

International projects

P.O.D. Association offers you the opportunity to participate in different international projects through Erasmus+ program and other European and international training programs. In which kind of projects you can participate:

  • trainings
  • youth exchanges
  • seminars

Who can participate in training?

  • people active in youth field (without age limit: project leader, group leader, youth counselor, project supervisor etc.)
  • people that have medium knowledge of English language (depends on the project)
  • in accordance with the profile presented in the project
  • all the people involved or that have been involved in the youth projects of P.O.D. Association: members, volunteers etc.
  • the selection of the participants will be made by P.O.D. Association depending on the experience in working with youngsters and other criteria

If you are interested in participating in an international project, constantly check the International Opportunities section of our website to find the newest available projects, or write us at contact@asociatiapod.ro for more details.