FAJ + – Formas de promover o associativismo entre @s jovens
(”Ways to promote associativism among youngsters”)

Location: Viseu – Portugal

Period: 9th of December to 16th of December 2014

Co-funded: Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 1, Mobility of youth

Partner Countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy

Participants’ Profile: a group leader and 5 participants age between 18 – 25 years old, interested in volunteering, youth policies, active citizenship, community, social problems

With the purpose of promoting the youth associations role in youngsters empowerment, the project “FAJ + – Formas de promover o associativismo entre @s jovens” wants to hear from young people the importance of the non-formal educational activities in their personal development as active citizens and also provide tools for civic participation using volunteering in social projects.

Language used: English

Working Methods
The methods to be used throughout this youth exchange are non-formal and therefore it is expected the active involvement of the participants in the diverse working moments, sharing opinions, cooperating and learning from each. Through team building games participants the youngsters can learn how to work in teams, how to communicate better and present themselves, respect rules etc. There are going to be simulations of various cases to illustrate the reality, from which they can learn how to solve problems and take the useful information from the others, improve other skills which can be useful in applying for a new job as presentation skills, improved memory and many more. The project will also promote the communication between youngsters and local decision makers as a key tool for active citizenship.

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