Beyond the comfort zone


Location: Rychleby Mountains, Javorník (Jeseník County), Czech Republic

Period: 26.06– 05.07.2013

Co-funded: Youth in Action Program – action 4.3., Training course

Partner Countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Slovakia, and Romania

Participants’ Profile: 4 active people in their organization (youth workers, social workers, project coordinators, institutions’ directors, trainers, volunteers etc.) who are interested in the subject and can integrate the experience and the new knowledge in their daily practice; capacity to work in English; availability to actively participate in all the planned activities during the training course

“Beyond the comfort zone” training course is designed to develop competences in leadership based on self-awareness.

Language used: English


  • building and living in Mongolian Jurta
  • living in nature
  • methods used: outdoor activities

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