Unlocking Potential


Place: Bar, Montenegro

Period: 22nd – 29th of September of 2012

Co-funded: Youth in Action Program, action – 3.1.a, youth exchange

Participants from 6 countries (Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia), with 7 participants, with ages between 18 – 25 years old + group leader

The project engaged young people with fewer opportunities, supported the initiative and cooperation with other young people without the disadvantages and contributed to the development of their potential, social skills and competencies leading to the mitigation of social disadvantage through sport and outdoor activities.

Participants have organized a local action for the natives in the village. The aim of this activity was to raise awareness in the community on the theme of the sport and sports activities.
Through preparation of this local action participants gained organizational skills which they can use again later in life.

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