eXtreme uPstream


Location: Dunakiliti, Hungary

Period: 5th – 13th of August of 2012

Co-funded: Youth in Action Program – action 1.1., youth exchange

Participants from 7 countries (Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary) 4 participants, age between 18 – 25 years old + 1 leader

With this exchange they wanted to promote the importance of outdoor education. The organizers believe that outdoor education is necessary to protect people from the unanticipated negative consequences of an increasingly mechanized and depersonalized society. Expected results of the exchange: moral, group and leadership development, as well as personal growth.


  • sports activities (canoeing, rafting, beach volleyball, high ropes, special sports for equal chances, etc)
  • workshops (Freetime And Healthy Lifestyle; Sport And Social Inclusion; eXtrem Health – The Adrenalin Addicted; Education Through Sport; Social Learning Elements In Sport; Team Sports; etc)
  • other activities, like City Rally, and Youthpass, painting game, intercultural evenings, parties, etc

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